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What is "Southwestern Cuisine", anyway?

Southwestern cuisine is as much a spirit of cooking as it is a style. It’s a melting pot of flavors – Mexican, Spanish colonial, Native American, cowboy – that’s open to interpretation and creativity.

We use a lot of traditional ingredients and techniques in our dishes – spicy green chiles, flame-broiled meats and vegetables (to get that perfect char flavor) – but are continually experimenting. Our popular Yin Yang Salad , for example, incorporates snow peas, cashews and other Asian influences to create a dish that’s both familiar and incredibly unique.

Southwestern cuisine is versatile, vibrant and, as Bobby Coyote and our head chef, Mark Casale, demonstrate, constantly re-inventing itself.

Delicious Meets Nutritious

As a supporter of Sacramento’s farm-to-table movement, we’ve always believed the best food comes from the best ingredients.

We only use top-quality meats:

Choice-grade or higher Angus steak

(not that “Angus beef” shoulder cut a lot of restaurants promote)

Juicy, wild-caught salmon

Sweet, savory pork

Premium, citrus-marinated seafood

Tender, fresh (never frozen) chicken

And the freshest possible produce


Sourced as locally as possible

Delivered daily

To give you the fresh rich taste you deserve

Legendary Salsas

All of Dos Coyotes’ legendary salsas, marinades and guacamole are made fresh each day.

House-Made Tortilla Chips

Our tortilla chips come from our kitchen (made with low saturated fat canola oil), not a bag.

“Have you had your Dos today?” isn’t just our tagline.
It’s a prescription for a healthful lifestyle. And we’re deeply proud of that.

Our menu is delicious, nutritious and diverse, providing options that support the diet and lifestyle that’s right for you, including: