Dos Coyotes Menu

Have you had your Dos today?

Dos Coyotes built its reputation on fresh, local, affordable southwestern cuisine.
Whether you come by for dinner with the family or just chips, artisanal salsas and a microbrew with friends, we’ll make sure you enjoy an innovative, satisfying meal that won’t break your budget.

Pick a category or scroll through our delicious and diverse menu – we’re proud of every dish.


Our nachos, taquitos and quesadillas are great for sharing, but also more than enough for a meal. And don’t get us started on the guacamole… It’s always fresh, creamy, flavorful and abundant.
  • Sedona Chicken Taquitos
    Sedona Chicken Taquitos

    Four crisp corn tortillas filled with all white meat chicken, chiles and herbs

  • Grilled Veggie Quesadilla

    An assortment of fire roasted vegetables (red bell pepper, sweet potato, mushroom, red and green onion, jalapeno, and tomato), melted jack and cheddar cheeses: served with our chipotle cream.

  • Quesadilla with Pasilla Chile

    Melted cheese served with salsa, sour cream and guacamole.

  • Navajo Nachos

    Tortilla chips with black beans, melted cheese, guacamole & sour cream. Options: steak, carnitas, chicken or vegetarian.


Our menu includes a salad for every mood and day of the week (try it, you’ll see what we mean). The flavor combinations and influences are all unique. But they’re all delicious. And huge. Seriously. You won’t leave hungry.


All burritos are served with fresh chips (hellooooo salsa bar…), and for a little extra we can throw in a side of rice, beans or a salad.
Gluten-free option: Make any burrito a Coyote Bowl


This is the one that started it all — the Dos Coyotes taco.
All our tacos are served with fresh chips and gourmet salsa.
For a little extra, make it a Mesa Taco Plate with a side of rice and beans!

Southwest Plates

Turn your favorite Dos Coyotes entrée into a meal.
All of our Southwest Plates include rice, black beans, chips and our gourmet salsa bar.


We understand and support the benefits of a vegetarian diet and this commitment shows in Dos Coyotes’ menu. Our rice and anasazi beans have zero animal products in them. We only use olive and canola oils for our dressings and marinades. Our vegetarian dishes are as complex, flavorful and diverse as every other item on our menu.

Gluten-Free Menu

If you’re following a gluten-free diet, our menu gives you plenty of ways to lose the gluten and still enjoy your favorite southwestern dishes.


Request a foil-warmed corn tortilla



Drop the tortilla for a Burrito Bowl



Substitute three foil-warmed corn tortillas instead of a flour tortilla

Billy the Kid's Menu

The same high-quality, delicious ingredients on a menu designed to appeal to the refined tastes of kids 10 and under.
And, there’s no chicken “nuggets.”

Lite Menu

Dos Coyotes’ versatile, delicious southwest cuisine doesn’t sacrifice flavor along with calories. Our menu has a variety of options that are perfect whether you’re on a high protein, high performance diet or are just watching your carbs.
  • Southwestern Dinner Salad​

    Mixed salad, corn, jicama, red onion, tomatoes and one ounce of Southwestern vinaigrette (served on the side).

  • Chicken and Rice Place

    Chopped chicken, rice, flour tortilla and cheese.

  • Rice and Bean Plate

    Black beans, rice, flour tortilla and cheese.

  • Chicken Tacos (2)

    Chopped chicken on soft corn tortillas with lettuce and fresh salsa (request no cheese).

  • Mahi Mahi Lite Tacos (2)

    Charbroiled mahi mahi on a soft corn tortillas with chopped cilantro and onion, shredded cabbage and salsa (request no white sauce).

  • Southwest Lite Chicken Burrito

    Flour tortilla with guacamole, fresh salsa and charbroiled chicken (request no cheese).

  • Southwest Lite Rice and Bean Burrito

    Flour tortilla with guacamole, fresh salsa, rice and black beans (request no cheese).


Dos Coyotes offers a number of tasty side dishes to round out your meal.


We offer an extensive variety of beverages, ranging from artisan bottled soda and fountain drinks to fresh brewed iced tea and low fat organic milk. There are way, way too many options to list here, but some of our favorites are listed below.

We offer free refills on fountain drinks, coffee and tea. And as part of our “frequent drinker” program, pick up a Dos Coyotes sports cup and enjoy refills on return visits for just $1.75.

In addition to a soda selection that puts most grocery stores to shame, Dos Coyotes serves a variety of alcoholic beverages. Our selection varies by season and location, but we promise you won’t be disappointed by the quality or quantity of options.
  • Coke

    Regular, diet, orange, lime, raspberry, vanilla, cherry, and cherry vanilla

  • Iced Tea

    “Flavor of the Day”

  • Flavored Waters

    Lots of flavors

  • Arizona Teas and Drinks


  • Organic Valley Milk
  • Margaritas

    Incredible margaritas (made with top shelf Hornitas 100% agave tequila at the Davis, Folsom, Roseville, Arden Square, and Elk Grove locations)

  • Sprite

    Regular, diet, orange, lime, cherry, raspberry

  • Dr. Pepper

    Regular, diet, cherry, cherry vanilla

  • Sobe
  • Penafiel

    Mineral Water

  • House select wines
  • Beer

    Domestic, imported and microbrewed selections