Green is our favorite color

Since the first Dos Coyotes opened in 1991, we have been a leader in environmental initiatives among the Sacramento-area restaurant industry. Dos Coyotes’ commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our business, from the way we wash dishes to the napkins in the dining room.

We’ve completed a comprehensive certification program through the Business Environmental Resource Center that includes energy and water conservation, pollution prevention, solid waste reduction and green building requirements. We’ve also achieved Gold Level Certification from Partners for a Greener Davis (one of the first restaurants to earn this distinction) for our demonstrated, ongoing efforts to comply with environmental regulations and reduce our carbon footprint.

In all of our restaurants you'll find:

Take-out containers

Compostable - made from sugarcane, not trees


Made from plant-based plastic (which requires 68% less fossil fuel to produce!)


Made from corn and other vegetable solids


Made from 100% recycled paper


Water conserving, automated faucets


Special dishwashers that recycle rinsing water

Sustainability Partners

Dos Coyotes is a proud community partner of the Cool Davis Initative , and long-time sponsor of Davis Farm to School, an organization dedicated to increasing farm fresh foods in school food, reducing solid waste and providing educational opportunities to students and staff through garden-based learning, local farm visits and volunteer/teacher workshops.